What is IQarena: A glimpse into our innovative world of online exams

Let’s Learn, Earn, and Inspire; Together

4 min readJun 25, 2021
A new door of innovative learning, Photo by IQarena

Achieving quality education is directly proportional to overall global development. The prosperity of tomorrow’s world lies in the hands of today’s qualitative and equitable education. And in the first place, how can there even be an alternative to this?

IQarena’s existence is mounted on the same basis, taking charge of great responsibility.

Helping resolve the dire crises of education, IQarena is dedicated to solving several social hurdles, including closing the inequality gap through education and uplifting the nation. To discard the barriers of gender, geography, financial or social status is what we aim for.

But before we move ahead, let’s take a brief tour of our online exam solutions.

Who We Are

A brief on basics, Photo by IQarena

IQarena is an integrated online exam app that provides a common platform for every exam aspirant and leads their growth and innovation journey.

Standing firm on the Learn and Earn Model, we endeavour to make exams and hard work rewarding and encourage students to push their limits.

In other terms, realizing your true potential through a smart window of learning is what IQarena is all about. It is built upon the idea of revolutionizing online exam platforms. We extend learning opportunities to all our diversified users and leave no student behind in the race of progress.

Providing an inclusive learning system, we open up new doors towards excelling in major Competitive Exams and Government Exams, including JEE/NEET, UPSC/GPSC, SSC, Banking, and more. We also include Secondary(8th-10th) and Higher Secondary (11th-12th) landscape in our online exam platform.

As an admirer of growth and perfection, IQarena is much more than just an exam preparation app. But before delving into that, let’s take a short detour of why we exist in the first place.

Problems We Aim To Solve

Finding the lost puzzle-pieces

The need of upgrading the present e-learning system, Photo by IQarena

Uninspiring user experience is a significant turn off factor of any e-learning platform. Inadequate ways of constant motivation kill the learning spirit of students.

To ace any competitive exam, it takes a lot of dedication and constant revision, in addition to the right tool. But don’t we feel discontinuing using an exam preparation app that has obsolete content? How to keep your learning spirits consistent for a longer time? These links seem to be missing here. And that’s where IQarena’s concept of Learn&Earn works as the driving force along with real-time and updated questions.

And not limited to learning aspects, there exist social loopholes as well. The imbalance in educational opportunities is the biggest hindrance in the current traditional education system. And the present e-learning sector lacks collaboration with offline institutes to create quality content. It fails to understand the importance of an environment praising equal learning for all.

A comprehensive and rewarding online exam app can help in fulfilling these gaps.

So, ready to take a shift from uninspirational exam apps and practice in the fun-filled environment of IQarena? What features do we offer to address the complexities we have just discussed?

IQarena’s Top Features

What makes us the best practice exam app?

The revolutionary features, Photo by IQarena

Our zest to make students self-dependent for their education reflects not just a novel but a revolutionary concept to begin with. It bridges the prevailing gaps and introduces the inclusion of every student in quality education.

Aspirants may often wonder how to lead a subject-oriented preparation? How to boost confidence in your knowledge? Now, give a break to your self-doubts and ally with self-confidence. Practise in a time-bound scenario with IQarena’s real-time exams and make yourself exam-ready.

Keep your learning spirit alive and ignited with exciting cash rewards, scratch cards, and leaderboards, and get honoured for your hard work. After all, the brilliance needs to be acknowledged.

Moreover, with the availability of umpteen topics and detailed solutions on IQarena, you can master all your weak points and become a polymath. Now, improvise and excel with in-depth performance analysis.

IQarena envisages building a bright community of learners and encouraging collaborative learning, where everyone learns and inspires.

To simply put, IQarena is an educational app for test practice that not only keeps you ahead in a healthy competition but also gets you closer to your dream exam. Now, access knowledge anytime and anywhere.

Towards an Affluent Future

We believe in leading a world where innovation is celebrated.

Ensuring that you are at the peak of academic success, IQarena lets you stay focused on your studies and sharpen your skills with online practice exams. To pave a roadmap of a bright future for all students residing in any corner of the map is our topmost priority.

Let IQarena be your partner in learning and let your intellectualism shine. Embark on a journey of becoming an IQstar from an IQlearner.




An integrated online exam platform bringing every exam aspirant on a common stage, taking them on an innovative journey of prosperity through Learn&Earn Model.