Role of Mock Tests in an Exam Preparation Journey

A Universal Fact: Practice is the Key

3 min readAug 20, 2021
The importance of mock tests in an aspirant’s exam prep journey, Photo by IQarena

“Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good.”

— Outliers, Book by Malcolm Gladwell

Clearing and acing a competitive exam might not be a cakewalk to most of the participants. Long study hours, several doubt clearing sessions, and rigorous revision remain inadequate unless one takes up mock tests during the time-window of exam preparation.

Often, students study for competitive exams in sections, chapters, and units. However, on the day of the final exam, everything taught and learned so far gets evaporated. This happens due to the tendency to underestimate the difficulty of the questions. Moreover, the lack of exposure to the pressure one might experience during the exam adds to it.

Is there a firm solution to deal with this? Definitely, and it has to be the mock tests. They are a reliable remedy when it comes to upgrading a student’s performance in the exam.

Mock tests let you practice while adhering to all of the rules that apply to actual exams, which is beneficial when taking the real exam. In addition, with the help of online exam preparation apps, cracking the target exam becomes more achievable.

According to a study by KPMG, the online test preparation market has strikingly grown from a mere 43 million USD in 2016 to 64 million USD by 2021, which is the highest growth among the other domains of online education.

Do you want to pull off this exam trick? Then read on.

In Parallel with Exam-Success

What are the advantages of mock tests?

How mock tests lead students towards academic success, Photo by IQarena

Real-Time Questions

Concurrent Real-time mock tests help students assess their performance for the actual exam, making them crack it in the first go. When they experience the real pressure of writing an exam in exactly the same simulated setting, they perform with more confidence on their D-day. Many real-time exam-revision apps are focussing on this feature to wrench out the best from students.

Time-Bound Practice

Many students find it challenging to synchronise with the exam difficulty given there is a clock running over the screen. Mock tests aid in time management, which is half the battle won. Time-bound practice exams give learners an extra edge over finishing the actual exam on time. They get familiar with finishing questions within the time limit and can strategise their dream exam approach.

Performance Analysis

With the constant mock tests, students gain a more inclusive picture of their overall performance. They can study their growth graph and chart out a better strategy for improvement. Furthermore, the student community may generate improvement points with every mock test, which helps in the self-assessment for exam preparation.

Since the expert educators prepare the mock tests, they consist of the same pattern and similar questions to the actual exams. Hence, the aspirants can keep the study in the right direction.


Some of the exam preparation apps in the market leap further to motivate learners for taking practice exams. These apps offer rewards to the best performing participants. With such an innovative idea to boost the morale of students, the IQarena app conducts live mock tests from government, banking, engineering, and medical exams for all the aspirants across the country.

Mock examinations provide a realistic run for students who will take a vital exam for the first time in their lives. Moreover, these practice exams reduce pre-exam stress as the candidate can address weak points, making him more relaxed on the final day.

Mock Tests: Revise, Improve, and Repeat

Mock tests familiarise students with the question paper’s style and scope, and they can perform well in the actual exam this way.

Practice makes students confident and can help them perform exceptionally.

Revision is crucial to clear a competitive exam, where the syllabus is vast and the competition is tough. Mock tests allow students to review their performance and keep their learning spirit high with a practical scenario.




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