Reasons Why You Should Take Online Mock Tests Before Finals

How Can Online Revision be a Game-Changer?

3 min readOct 15, 2021
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On a global scale, formal education is progressively shifting to an online format. Online exams are being the new normal. However, why students should also focus on practising online for the exams? How are online mock tests proving to be the pathfinder among other modes of exam revision?

Let’s take a tour of the world of online mock tests and their effects.

Why Online Mock Tests?

Photo by IQarena

Mock tests are the best step prior to appearing for an exam. Since the exams are being conducted online, practising in a similar environment has positive effects. From time management to recalling information, everything becomes swift while taking the exam. With practice, the fear of the unexpected can turn into the confidence of familiarity.

Let’s look at some other additional benefits of practising online for exams.

Real-time competition

Online mock tests offer an actual real-time experience to students, providing them with an environment of live competition. Many EdTechs in the market focus on this feature to conduct synchronous revision tests, similar to the real exams. This helps students overcome the nervousness on the final day and pay attention to how the exam goes for any improvement.

Nationwide Competition

An online practice test has the potential to create a comprehensive level competition, connecting a larger group of students as a network. In addition, a nationwide competition plays a crucial role in getting a clear picture of a student’s actual performance and estimating the ranking. This way, they can strategise the exam performance, giving the best shot in their finals. This certainly lacks in the offline revision tests.

Instant Performance Analysis

Gone are the days when students had to wait for days at a stretch to analyse their performance level. Online mock tests bring forward another salient feature with them in which they offer instant analysis of a student’s performance. These are auto-generated graphs, with several statistics highlighting their areas of improvement, subject-wise performance, and many others. Also, a few of the mock tests provide live leaderboards with ranking and performance details of your peers. It helps students to know where they stand in the competition and what needs to be improved.

Instant Detailed Solutions

How often have you gone impatient and just wished to get the solution immediately after taking the exam? Another best point of online revision tests is that they keep the question paper’s solution available on the spot and can be accessed the next moment you finish the exam. This way, a single round of cross-checking of answers proves most effective in knowledge retention.


No matter what books or notes we read, re-read or refer from additional resources, online revision tests are the best substitute while keeping the quality intact. Having the opportunity to practice online is an asset every student shall make good use of.




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