Establishing A Remote Learning Ecosystem

Strengthening the Educational Roots for Today and Tomorrow

3 min readSep 10, 2021
A new era of distance learning, Photo by IQarena

The definition of remote learning has evolved manifold. It’s been modernised with the help of technology and is easily accessible online. Do you remember the times of struggles of distance education and bundles of study materials parcelled to your home? Now the scenario has taken a whole new upgraded path.

Technology has revolutionised every space it touches, and the learning ecosystem falls under that umbrella. With the rise of the awareness and availability of the resources like internet and smart devices, accessing quality education with just a few clicks from any corner of the globe is possible. So let’s ponder upon how this remote learning ecosystem is being established? What challenges does it face in the journey?

The Big Shift: From Classroom to Corner

Perks of Remote Learning

Changing dynamics of education, Photo by IQarena

The world has recognised the benefits of distance learning. Though the transition to digital learning was initially jarring, we now understand that remote learning has numerous advantages. So let’s take a look at how this new educational opportunity can help students as well as educators.

Students can easily catch up and revisit a topic in remote learning. In addition, it helps promote flexible timetables, even for students who are working. Furthermore, distance learning connects students with qualified teachers and allows them to study a broader range of disciplines.

Such a way of learning also improves technological knowledge and is a great way to gain essential skills for the future. Students learn the importance of responsibility, time management, as well as multitasking. Overall, they have more control over your learning. Moreover, students get an excellent chance to explore and pursue other opportunities on the side. It further provides access to students with limited mobility.

Opening a New Educational Door

How Are We Building It?

Heading towards new opportunities of learning, Photo by IQarena

The process of this shift has its own journey of ups and downs. Through umpteen trials and tests, the online education system is now considered convenient and reliable. As and when technology advanced, from cloud to artificial intelligence and machine learning, the scope of growth in remote education accelerated.

Some external circumstances also played a role in magnifying the screen-based distance learning bubble. The sudden outspread of the Covid-19 pandemic forced the world to adopt online distance learning modes. Schools, universities, professional courses, and other offline institutes established a remote learning system, welcoming the change with both hands.

However, Is this fully established? Does the current system have a robust working model on-field? Does it reach every corner wherever it is needed?

The digital gap is the by-product of digital education. How many tier-2 cities or small towns and villages in India are equipped with the proper infrastructure to support virtual learning? Poor internet connections to remote locations is another stumbling block in the path. Although few state governments have initiated solving such problems by innovative ideas, such as installing a common hub covered for a given location, several loopholes still exist.

The Road Ahead

Although distance learning has its own drawbacks, numerous advantages make it a highly feasible long-term alternative. Remote learning is still in its infancy. Nonetheless, it is set to have a favourable impact on the future workplace.

This new era of learning has provided people with new opportunities to study in novel ways. In addition, education technology will continue to improve as technological advances and distance learning will remain relevant in the upcoming generations.




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