Dealing with Exams Post Lockdown

Students’ Mixed Emotions During Online-Offline Transitions

3 min readNov 9, 2021
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Ever since the Covid-19 induced lockdown was imposed, academic activities in schools and other learning institutes were left hanging in the air. However, when we look from the student’s perspective, their share of struggle around switching to online and then offline mode is commendable. With the recent reopening of schools and colleges, how would learners cope with the exam preparation strategy, pattern and scheduling?

School students’ experiences with online classes following the Covid-19 pandemic is perplexing. And as they have got the hang of it, it has again revived to its original offline state. Amid these transitions, dealing with offline exam preparations leave them confused with a big question mark on the preparation strategy.

Here are some quick picks for such students who are dealing with exam prep-stress post lockdown.

What Issues Need to be Addressed?

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Extra exam stress created due to sudden changeover

Students often experience exam anxiety and the sudden shift from online to offline multiplies this pressure. When a student prepares his mind for online examinations and dwells in such an exam environment, it becomes tricky to turn back to the previous offline version. In addition, the whole study pattern and tricks need some adjustment, which requires extra energy.

An essential tip throughout this back-and-forth switching might be conveying the exam information as promptly as possible and granting sufficient preparation time for the students.


The dilemma arising from the online-offline switch is filled with complicated questions. Learners find it difficult to manage the strategy- change it requires. This hampers the learning methods and the study schedule of a student.

Safety and Precautions

As the black clouds of Covid-19 are yet to be cleared out, it is still unsafe to leave young unvaccinated students without proper precautions and safety. During school hours, how does the school management implement the guidelines for students’ social distancing? And in the worst case, what if a student gets immediate medical attention due to the deadly coronavirus?

How Do Students Deal With Online-Offline Toggling?

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Adopting a Blended Model of Learning

Integrating digital learning tools into the conventional classroom environment opens up a plethora of multidimensional learning opportunities for students. Instead of depending upon one single mode, i.e. either completely online or offline, focusing on this intermixed methodology offers comprehensive growth to the students’ community.

Considering fair and smooth exam management, this method certainly proves to be the best choice. It optimises the whole process right from the exam conduction to the result announcement, saving time and effort for both students and educators. Additionally, the blended method also provides the best atmosphere to students, helping them focus on their preparation strategy along with their peers.

Role of Teachers and Parents

During such uncertain times, students need a support system at home as well as in schools. The distress they are going through needs special attention in their studies, as they are left puzzled. This requires their parents’ and teachers’ involvement in the study process, including exam preparation and other day-to-day activities.

Performing the Best Amidst Scepticism

Following the reopening of learning institutions after a long duration of a year of lockdown, handling the exam anxiety is again an alien feeling for students. Moreover, the sudden and recurring shift between online and offline learning demands an advanced dealing strategy, as learners repeatedly enter the unfamiliarity zone.

Therefore, it’s the need of the hour to modernise the current educational system and complement it with online exam solutions. To make the present system sustain all the odds we have seen during the pandemic, we need to make it more technology-backed and advanced.




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